Easter in Finland

Happy Easter!

For me Easter means it’s officially spring. It means that the winter has passed and it’s time to the nature to wake up. For us Easter falls to a different date every year: some years it takes place in the end of March and like in this year it will be in the middle of April. Even though Easter isn’t too big of a thing in Finland it’s still celebrated and we have few days off from school and work. And because it is a fun, colourful and lively event I wanted to share it with you. Specially because this  year I will spend my Easter in Athens and I want to be able to be part of the spring fuss that will happen back home.

Easter is a Christian holiday but in Finland the old pagan traditions have heavily influenced how we celebrate it. My family isn’t religious so during Easter we really don’t go to church or do fasting before it. For us it’s spending time with each other and hopefully enjoying the sun and warmth (but because we live in Finland there is a good chance that it’s rainy and cold). Here are some traditions that are common in Finland and which my family has been doing for years. Continue Reading