Do you have any idea what to do with your future? – Don’t worry you’re not alone!

I am 20-year-old girl from Finland and I am here to share my journey trough my gap year. I graduated from high school at spring and like surprisingly many people, didn’t get in to my dream university. But instead of mourning over it I decided to share my year and everything that it includes with you.

I want to show you that it’s okay to take the year off and be by yourself.

I will see what it’s like to have a gap year while figuring out how to live alone, land a job, study in community college and all these things so you don’t have to go trough it alone and make the same mistakes.

Currently I am living with my parents but soon I am moving to my very own apartment! Now I am working part-time in this inside amusement park for kids and I have signed up in community college and I am taking few classes in education theory. I absolutely love photographing, reading, cooking, friends and my dog.

I want to share with you my everyday life with you but not just those good moments nut also my struggle like landing a job, living alone, how to manage with little money. I want to share my experiences and ways to get along with you hoping that it will make your life bit easier.

Do you have something you would like me to talk about? Let me know in the comments!


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