Easy and delicious Runeberg cakes

Hello everyone and happy Sunday. I can’t believe it’s already February. Lately I have been extremely busy and sometimes when life gets a bit too busy or overwhelming it’s good to slow down and make something delicious you can enjoy while watching TV or something you can serve for your guest if they decide to stop by unexpectedly. So today I will share with you an easy and quick recipe you can make during winter months. These easy sweets are called Runeberg cakes and they are really easy to make and take about 30 minutes to make. They are named after Finlands national poet J. L. Runeberg because it’s said that his wife created the recipe and made them to him when he was craving for something sweet but there wasn’t anything ready at the house. The cakes are traditionally eaten in the beginning of February and we also have a day dedicated to him: the 5th of February. And to make sure you can also enjoy these delicious sweets here is the recipe to make the cakes. Enjoy!

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Grilled salmon with avokado sauce


Hello everyone and welcome back. Today it’s time for another super easy recipe and this one is a healthy one. One of my favourite ingredients is fish and especially salmon. I love it so much! Salmon is also filled with healthy fats so it’s really good for you so I try to include it to my meals as often as I can but because it can be a bit expensive I don’t have it that often. So when I do eat salmon I like to treat myself with a good dessert or glass of wine or something. This recipe is one of my favourites and it has gotten lots of likes in my family too. If you feel like salmon and avocado aren’t enough to make you full you can make some side dish with this. My personal favourite is sweet potato chips with blue- or feta cheese dip but chips, potatoes or even rice work with this. Keep on reading to find out how I make this delicious dish. With this dish I added bit of cream cheese and ate it with the fish.Continue Reading

A Delicious Blueberry Pie for Autumn Nights

This super easy to make blueberry pie is my absolutely favourite go to when I am having guests over. Because it’s simple to make and it tastes delicious. It’s a bit different than from pies that most people are used to because the dough isn’t a crumbled one, but instead it’s the same when you bake buns. You can also use this same recipe if you want to bake an apple pie. You just replace the strawberry jam and blueberries with apple jam and apple slices and top it off with cinnamon.
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Easy Autumn Breakfast

Oatmeal with apples&cinammon

Autumn is coming and with it all these delicious ingredients that tastes best when it’s their season. With autumn come not just apples, plums and pumpkins but also the cold weather and the darkness. At least it does when you live somewhere north like in Finland. That’s why I have found it super important to start my day with something that puts me in a good mood.

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