Easter in Finland

Happy Easter!

For me Easter means it’s officially spring. It means that the winter has passed and it’s time to the nature to wake up. For us Easter falls to a different date every year: some years it takes place in the end of March and like in this year it will be in the middle of April. Even though Easter isn’t too big of a thing in Finland it’s still celebrated and we have few days off from school and work. And because it is a fun, colourful and lively event I wanted to share it with you. Specially because this  year I will spend my Easter in Athens and I want to be able to be part of the spring fuss that will happen back home.

Easter is a Christian holiday but in Finland the old pagan traditions have heavily influenced how we celebrate it. My family isn’t religious so during Easter we really don’t go to church or do fasting before it. For us it’s spending time with each other and hopefully enjoying the sun and warmth (but because we live in Finland there is a good chance that it’s rainy and cold). Here are some traditions that are common in Finland and which my family has been doing for years. Continue Reading

5 Reasons to smile

Spring is nearing and it’s wonderful but sometimes it feels like the spring couldn’t be here fast enough. We have had a few absolutely gorgeous sun filled day and they always makes me smile. But even though we see sun more and more everyday there still will be few of those gloomy days when all you can see is grey and clouds. So here is 5 small things that can help you get that smile on your face.

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How to make good new years resolutions

Hello everyone and happy New Year!




Tradition that is known by everyone is to make New Year resolutions on 31st of December. Usually you promise to be a better version of yourself and it’s a promise I have made so many times but I have never managed to actually keep it. Does this sound familiar? If it does keep reading – I will share with you how I plan my resolutions so it’s easier to achieve your goals. I believe that I had this mind-set that somehow when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st I get a brand new start – and even though it’s a nice thought it doesn’t work like that. I realised in 2016 that to be able to make a change you have to actively try to make a difference, to be a different. So this time I decided to have a different approach to my resolutions. I sat down on one evening with a cup of tea and thought about which things are important to me. And then I looked all those important things I had listed and thought. Am I handling them like I want to? Am I spending enough time with my friends and family? Am I taking good enough care of myself? Then I chose those things that I find important but I haven’t been paying attention to and decided to focus on them in 2017.Continue Reading

How to celebrate Independence Day!

Hello loves! It’s 6th of December.

You may wonder what’s so special about that day. Well for most people it may not be anything special, just a day amongst others but for us Finns it’s the day we celebrate our Independence. It’s our national holiday so everything: schools, stores and jobs are out for the day. 6th of December is the day we celebrate our independence and freedom but also the day when we remember those who fought for our country and gave their lives so we can have a free Finland. We don’t celebrate the day like many other countries do with huge parties or big fireworks. It’s more of peaceful, quiet and respectful event that is often spend with family. During the day it’s also a common thing to take candles to graveyard and to the graves of our fallen soldiers. Since my family isn’t form the southern part of Finland, at least originally, my family’s veterans aren’t buried here but up in the north so our family doesn’t traditionally go to the cemetery.

Quickly about Finland’s history. We gained our independence from Soviet- Russian at 6 of December 1917, which was during the I World War. Even though we had autonomy we still wanted to be our very own country so our military wouldn’t have to take part in the Soviet-Russians wars and during that time our neighbour in East wanted to cut down our autonomy rights. So we wanted to a different country. Today we have our 99th independence day! Next year is the big 100! And since I do love my country I want to dedicate this post to Finland.

I have certain traditions that I just find myself doing during this day. They are something my parents used to do when I was little and now I have adapted them to be part of my traditions. And I want to share these traditions with you because they are big part of me as is my heritage. So here we go!

How to celebrate independece day

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My current favourites!

  Hello loves.

December is nearing faster than I can imagine and even though I am more than excited about Christmas I have been liking the autumn time too. During October and this month there has been a bunch of things I have been absolutely loving. My favourites include some beauty things, clothes, TV-shows and a few others. I want to share these things with you; maybe you’ll find something you can add to your life. So here we go.

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How to live with chronic disease


In this post I am talking about something really personal that I want to share with you. This is a bit different from what I usually write about but I felt like this is something I should share, I also hope that this post brings light to congenital heart diseases and helps people who have them to deal with them. In Finland off all the children that are born in year around 1% have a heart condition. In UK 9 out 1000 babies have congenital heart disease. Congenital heart disease is a general name to problems that appear in all heart and main vascular structures. I am one of those babies’ who was born with a heart disease, more specific Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). It means I was born with a congenital heart disease that has four components.

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6 ways to beat the autumn blues

how to beat the autumn bluesSome people hate it when the summer slides off and makes room for autumn. The cold weather, the darkness, leaves changing colours. It’s not everyone cup of tea but I love it. I love it that when you wake up you can watch the sunrise while nursing a cup of steaming hot coffee. I love it when everything turns to yellow and read instead of green. And there’s nothing better than snuggling in a comfy big sweater while it’s windy outside.


Most of ours summers, at least those who had a holiday, have been filled with irregular sleeping patterns, sunbathing sessions, festivals, meeting with friends and so many other things. But even though I love autumn it still can be depressing with all the darkness and bad weather. I am one of those people who feels the effect of the darkness and weather immediately on my mood. If you are one of those people too I want to share my tips on how I deal with the autumn blues.

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Because a year off is okay


Do you have any idea what to do with your future? – Don’t worry you’re not alone!

I am 20-year-old girl from Finland and I am here to share my journey trough my gap year. I graduated from high school at spring and like surprisingly many people, didn’t get in to my dream university. But instead of mourning over it I decided to share my year and everything that it includes with you.

I want to show you that it’s okay to take the year off and be by yourself.

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Leap to unknow

The threaded day; first of July. I waited and waited but no envelope. It was like a punch to the stomach. Next few hours I was a emotional wreck. I was sad, disappointed and angry but at the same time I was happy for my friends who had gotten in to their dream schools. I had prepared myself, there’s a chance that I wouldn’t get in. Not many people do. But still it felt like I was loser.Continue Reading