To Do in Mijas, Spain

After my trip to London and Austria last autumn I didn’t have any travel plans which made me feel a bit sad but because I did make one trip end of the January I wanted to share my tips on what you can do there with you.

In the end of January I took a five-day trip to La Cala De Mijas, Spain to visit my grandparents who have been living there for 6 months now. Even though we only stayed there for a few days I had a really great time. The best thing for me about this trip was the fact that there was sun and everything was green! It was so refreshing because for the past months it has been really dark and gloomy in Finland. So being able to sit in the sun and let the vitamin D soak in to my skin was a great feeling.

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To Do when you have time at the airport

Last trip I did was to Greece and because I was flying I February which isn’t a holiday season in Europe there weren’t any direct flights from Finland to Greece. On my way to Greece I only had hour and half between my flights but when I returned I had four hours to kill. Because I was traveling alone this felt kind of a long time to wait without doing anything so I wanted to share with you few things you can do if you have extra time between your flights. So if you want to know what you can do with the extra hours you have in the airport keep reading!Continue Reading

Visit Finland – Ruka, Lapland


Some of you may already know that this year Finland has been independent for 100 years. So in the spirit of our 100th birthday during this year I will share some travel tips with you on what places you should see if you ever want to visit Finland. The first post in this Visit Finland section is about a place called Ruka.

I spent New Years Eve in Ruka, Lapland – one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Ruka is a ski resort which is located up in Northern Finland, it’s a part of a city called Kuusamo which is about a 30-minute drive away from the place itself. If you have time when visiting Finland, I really suggest going to Lapland.

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December To-Do list



Hello everyone!

It’s first of the December! Which means soon it’s Christmas! 23 nights till the big day and I couldn’t be more excited. Christmas and December altogether are my favourite time of the year. I love everything that Christmas brings with it; the atmosphere, lights, decorations, seasonal foods, well basically everything. It makes me all happy and giddy inside and during the darkest time of the year that really is a big deal. I also have one of my best memories from Christmas or that time of the year so that may affect why I hold it so dear.


Not everyone likes Christmas. Someone hates the hustle, the crowds in the stores, the materialism that is nowadays strongly part of Christmas. But because I am a Christmas person and It’s close to my heart I wanted to put together a list of things you can do during December that can either help you to get ready for the holidays or you can do them to get in to the holiday mood. Most of my tips cost no money at all and few of them will cost few euros, but not that much. So even if you are a student or have no extra money you can still get in to the festival mood without it bankrupting you. So here we go!

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Crush on life

Crush on life

Flight attendants rushing around the crowded isles making sure the luggage’s stays put. Kids holding their parents hands, people chatting loudly and the atmosphere filled with excitement. And then the flight attendants take their places and soon we take off. Flying is one of the best things I know, there is nothing quite like it. The sound that engines make, the clouds you can see outside of your window. It feels like for a while I am unreachable, like nothing bad can touch me.

It makes me feel like I could take the World.

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