Crush on life

Flight attendants rushing around the crowded isles making sure the luggage’s stays put. Kids holding their parents hands, people chatting loudly and the atmosphere filled with excitement. And then the flight attendants take their places and soon we take off. Flying is one of the best things I know, there is nothing quite like it. The sound that engines make, the clouds you can see outside of your window. It feels like for a while I am unreachable, like nothing bad can touch me.

It makes me feel like I could take the World.

Few hours later the planes wheels touches the ground in England. We have landed at Gatwick airport and when I step out of the plane I can feel the excitement bubbling in my stomach. Finally I am back in London. Few years ago I visited here and even though my trip lasted only a few days I lost my heart to London.

From the airport we make our way to the small flat we would be staying in. It’s small but cosy, perfect for London callingmy friend and me. Our flat is in Hammersmith and in there we just change clothes and look up an underground line that can take us to the heart of London. Then without planning more we take the underground to the city and get off luckily in the right station.

That seems to be the theme of our trip. Take some underground and hope we don’t end up somewhere too far. And this works amazingly! Without the Internet and Google maps navigating from point A to point B is bit difficult and we did get lost more than once. But taking those wrong turns didn’t mind us because accidentally we ended up in most interesting places. It was okay to be a bit lost and ask directions from locals, even though we didn’t always get the directions but we did end up with a list of places to eat and pubs to try.Me and my lovely girl

In our five days in London we took wrong turns, tried local beers and food, walked more 80 kilometres. We rode the underground during rush hours and had trouble getting off at the right station; they were so full of people. But we didn’t mind. People were laughing, chatting or just sitting, it made me feel part of the city. We saw the nightlife in London and wondered why their pubs close already at midnight. We admired the lights of the city during the night and during the days we wandered around the capital of Europe. Everywhere went there was life.

Our days in London came to end when we had to get to the airport in the middle of the night so we could catch our flight to Germany, Munich. At the airport our friend picked us up and together we drove to Austria, Geinberg. We stayed with our friend and I was lucky that we did because there is no
better way to see the country than spending time with the locals.

We got to meet her family and friends who showed us around the village and took us to this outdoor festival. It was nothing like I have ever seen. It was a mix of music festival, house party, club and all this took place in a small area that looked like an old farming place. I danced till my legs hurt even though some of the music was in Germany and I couldn’t understand a damn thing. On our third day we took a train to Vienna, but that didn’t go as well as planned.

We missed our train and we had to buy new tickets. It ended costing bit more than planned but when we get to Vienna we didn’t sacrifice any thought to the matter. In Vienna we shopped a lot and made ourselves familiar with the local nightlife, even though the right club was found by trial and error because it was a Tuesday night.

We only spent one night in Vienna and in our second day we did some cultural sightseeing. We went to see the Schönbrunn Palace and St. Stephen’s cathedral. Schönburnn Palace is the place where Austiras former imperials spent their summers. After the death of Franz Joshep the longest-reigning emperor of Austria and the fall of Habsburg monarchy in November 1918 the place was made in to a museum. St. Stephen’s cathedral is a catholic church that has seen many historical events like weddings of European royalty and funerals of many famous people like Vivladi and Mozart. Both places were absolutely breath-taking and I strongly recommend visiting those places if you are in Vienna. Especially if you love history like I do.

Schönbrunn Palace Those people I met during my trip were absolutely wonderful. I met my friends from Greece and together with them we explored the city of London, we went sightseeing and we walked a lot trying to find a place where we all wanted to eat. In Austria I met so many new people that I can’t even remember all of their names! I met my friends’ friends and she seemed to know everyone. With a few we went to the festival, with one I danced trough our first night in Geinberg and one accompanied as to Vienna.

All good things must to come to an end at some point, so after amazing week it was our time to head back to home. Tired and happy we landed at Helsinki-Vantaa airport after midnight on 18th . Even though we made few mistakes on the way and took wrong turns and missed our train I had an absolutely amazing trip.

I met some great people, I got to see old friends, I danced in the middle of nowhere and sang on the top of my lungs. I fell in love in this Austria sparkling wine called Hugo and I learned that while you travel you can’t plan everything. Something’s going to mess up your plans. And that’s okay. It probably will make your trip more memorable. If nothing more you probably can laugh at it later. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Internet or Google maps to help you, trying to navigate trough a strange city without any help has it charm. So if you get the chance to travel, take it. Worry about the money later. Because I can promise you, seeing the world is worth every penny.

“Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Candles lit in St. Stpehenes cathedrals to those loved ones we have lost
Candles lit in St. Stephen’s cathedrals to those loved ones we have lost



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