Hello everyone and welcome back. Today it’s time for another super easy recipe and this one is a healthy one. One of my favourite ingredients is fish and especially salmon. I love it so much! Salmon is also filled with healthy fats so it’s really good for you so I try to include it to my meals as often as I can but because it can be a bit expensive I don’t have it that often. So when I do eat salmon I like to treat myself with a good dessert or glass of wine or something. This recipe is one of my favourites and it has gotten lots of likes in my family too. If you feel like salmon and avocado aren’t enough to make you full you can make some side dish with this. My personal favourite is sweet potato chips with blue- or feta cheese dip but chips, potatoes or even rice work with this. Keep on reading to find out how I make this delicious dish. With this dish I added bit of cream cheese and ate it with the fish.

You need:
 300g salmon
 1 avocado
 1 small onion
 Half of lemon or lemon juice
 Some butter
 Salt
 Pepper

How to make:

First it’s time to make the avocado sauce. I used pretty much the same recipe what I use when I do guacamole. I just didn’t add any tomatoes or chili. Start by slicing the avocado in half and using a knife to slice the avocado in small cubes. Then using a spoon or fork I scoop it out to a bowl. Then smash it with a fork and add some lemon juice. Then add a pinch of salt and pepper. Now chop the onion in to small pieces and add to the mix. Taste. Add salt, lemon or pepper if needed. Now let it set while frying the fish.

Start by slicing the fish in to two or three pieces, depending on the size. I did three slices but I felt like one was a bit too small so I ended up eating also half of the other one. Heat your frying pan and add some oil or butter or whatever it is that you like to use while frying. I used butter because I find that it will make the fish taste the best. Add the fish to the pan and when it starts to change colour flip it over. Now add some salt and lemon. Be careful that you don’t burn it. The whole fish will change colour to this soft baby pink and the top of it will get this golden brownish colour.

Now you are all done! Enjoy!

If you have some recipes you would like me to try let me know at the comments!

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