Hello everyone and happy New Year!




Tradition that is known by everyone is to make New Year resolutions on 31st of December. Usually you promise to be a better version of yourself and it’s a promise I have made so many times but I have never managed to actually keep it. Does this sound familiar? If it does keep reading – I will share with you how I plan my resolutions so it’s easier to achieve your goals. I believe that I had this mind-set that somehow when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st I get a brand new start – and even though it’s a nice thought it doesn’t work like that. I realised in 2016 that to be able to make a change you have to actively try to make a difference, to be a different. So this time I decided to have a different approach to my resolutions. I sat down on one evening with a cup of tea and thought about which things are important to me. And then I looked all those important things I had listed and thought. Am I handling them like I want to? Am I spending enough time with my friends and family? Am I taking good enough care of myself? Then I chose those things that I find important but I haven’t been paying attention to and decided to focus on them in 2017.


How is this different from the resolutions I have made before you may think. Isn’t giving up or “failing” just as easy as it has been before? Answer to that is yes, so I decided to make a second change to how I handle my resolutions. What for me has been a turn off is the fact that I have these huge things I want to accomplish like read more or be healthier and because they aren’t anything specific I haven’t been able to follow my resolutions trough. So to prevent that from happening again in the end of every month I will sit down and think specific goals I want to accomplish in the following month. This way I have solid goals in my mind and I can focus on rather than trying to handle a whole huge resolution.

One more thing I want you to keep in mind is that it’s okay if you have a fall out. It’s not end of the world. In the past this usually has been the part when I have decided to give up but this year I will make sure that I will get back to trying if I have fallout.


To become healthier has been one of my resolutions for ages and yes I have manage to cut out a few bad habits but I still haven’t been able to lose all the bad habits and create new better ones. So this year I will tackle this subject by choosing one bad habit I want to break or a good one I want to gain and focus on that for a month rather than trying to do many different ones. It means focusing both in physical and mental health because they both need to be taken care of to be able to feel good. I know this one will be filled with struggles and there will be times when I probably want to give up and just lie in bed and do nothing but watch Netflix and even though sometimes it is okay I also know that taking care of my body by doing physical activities is worth it.


I love reading. It is my favourite thing to do, but lately I have been so busy with school and work and everything that I really haven’t had time to read as much as I would have wanted. So this year I will read at least one book every month. I find reading to be one of the best ways to improve myself and gain perspective on the World so I will extend my resolution a bit more. I will also do my best and try to read other things than books; magazines, news papers, articles and columns and everything I can get my hands on.

Work my Photography
Photographing is something I am passionate about. Capturing a sunset, specific moment or just being able to look back to some moment that makes me happy. Unfortunately like with reading I haven’t had time to pick up the camera lately but whenever I do I feel the rush of happiness. So this year I will take time and make sure I schedule at least one day a month when I go out with my camera and shoot.




Like I said earlier I will make more specific goals to every month so these are my goals for January.


In January I want to focus on finding a workout class that I like and will look forward going. So in this month I will try different kind of group classes and go to a class at least three times a week. On top of trying to finding a workout class that I like I will also focus on my eating. In this month I won’t forbid anything from myself, I just try to make well thought choices about what I eat. But to be able to see what I eat and how often I eat I will keep a food diary. I will write down everything I eat and when I eat it. This way at the end of the month I can see if I have a “problem” food that is unhealthy or if I don’t have some foods like protein or veggies enough on my plate.


I chose to read I am Malala in January. It’s an autobiography that tells the tale of Malala Yousafzai. She’s an Afghan girl that spoke behalf of girls’ education and got shot in the head by Talibans but survived. I decided to read this book because I have nothing more but respect for her. After the shooting she has kept talking about the importance of education and was the youngest person ever to win the Noble peace prize. At one point I read a newspaper basically every day but for some reason I just stopped doing that, so in January I will try to be better aware of what is going on in the World and I will read a newspaper at least three times a week.



Remember that it’s not about the destination; it’s the journey that matters!

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  • Zesty Olive

    Great list! I, too, am choosing to read more this year…as in, read an actual book, not on my ipad or laptop! Hooray for physical books! 🙂

    11/01/2017 at 9:01 PM Reply

    • Henna

      I am glad you liked it! Physical books are the best!! I absolutley love them!

      15/01/2017 at 8:49 PM Reply