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December is nearing faster than I can imagine and even though I am more than excited about Christmas I have been liking the autumn time too. During October and this month there has been a bunch of things I have been absolutely loving. My favourites include some beauty things, clothes, TV-shows and a few others. I want to share these things with you; maybe you’ll find something you can add to your life. So here we go.

Let’s start with clothes.

Since I live in Finland it gets cold here and it snowed here a few weeks ago, it was time to dig up my winter coat. This coat is gorgeous, it’s warm and looks good. It’s a last year’s model from Vero Moda but since it’s only a year old and good quality I didn’t see the need to buy a new one. But since I have been wearing it non-stop I wanted to include it to this post.My jacketTwo other favourites of mine have been a few of my resent purchases. Lately I have been on a lookout for a perfect hat but it has been surprisingly difficult. When you live somewhere cold you need to consider other things besides how it looks. You need to make sure it’s long enough so it covers your ears and that the material is thick enough so the wind won’t go trough it. This has been more difficult than you could imagine. A few weeks ago I hit the jackpot and found this black hat with a grey bobble at Vero Moda. It was love at first sight as they say and since I bough it I have been wearing it nearly every time I go out. At the same store I found this gorgeous scarf that I have been loving a lot. It gives my dark wardrobe the much needed colour peak while it keeps me warm.hat from ModaScarf drom ModaLast of the clothes is this warm greyish/sand coloured cardigan that I got from Mango. I love it because it looks good with both jeans and skirts. And I have found myself wearing it during evenings when I am just relaxing at home and watching TV or reading because it’s so comfy.cardigan


cardigan with skirt


sand coloured cardigan


That was it for clothes now it’s time to move on to makeup and skin care. Makeup wise I haven’t done any new purchases during the last month except for one lipstick. I am a lipstick person; I love wearing something on my lips. Even though my all time favourite is bold red, during autumn I like to wear something bit darker. So at the beginning of September I was on the hunt for a perfect dark lipstick. It took me a while to find a colour that was right shade as well as didn’t dry my lips out, but luckily one day I ended up at the Nyx counter and found something I loved. I picked up Nyx’s Full Throttle lipstick in shade con artist. It’s a gorgeous shade of dark wine and with a lip pencil it lasts whole day and I only need to do few touch ups if I am heading out for the night. What I am also thrilled about it’s that it doesn’t dry my lips like the lip cream does. So it has been my favourite go to lipstick for past month. Plus how cool is the name: con artist, even the name makes me feel badass!Nyx- con artist

  • Nyx con artist

For skincare I have had one product that I have been using religiously every week to take care of my skin. It’s a Lush’s Mask of magnaminty. It’s body and facemask but I have been using it just for my face because the package is small. The mask is easy to apply and after washing it of it leaves my skin feeling clean and nice. Peppermint is one of my favourite scents so that doesn’t hurt at all. For those who aren’t familiar with Lush, it’s about handmade beauty products that aren’t tested on animals and the ingredients are 100% vegetarian, most of them being vegan.



I have three more favourites for you and all of these are entertainment related: one podcast and two TV series. I am that person that needs to listen to something when I wake up. Usually it’s music or radio but a week ago I found this amazing podcast that I have been listening to non-stop. It’s called Ladies who lunch and it’s host by two YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes who talk about difficult current topics that are usually left out of conversations. They talk about mental illness, taboos like sex and fantasies and other things. What I like about the podcast is that even though topics can be difficult to talk about they manage to do it with grace, humour and with a positive attitude. They also include letters from the listeners that make the show even more relatable. I also love how they encourage everyone to be best version of themselves and not to be ashamed who they are. I seriously recommend giving this a try it’s absolutely amazing. You can find it free on iTunes or on their website www.ladieszwholunch.com


Ladies who lunch



Next two things I have been loving are TV shows that can be found on Netflix. First one is a British drama and crime series called Broadchurch. The show takes place in this small costal town and it’s about the murder of a young local boy Danny Latimer. The murder and the aftermath of it tears the town apart. Detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant) is sent to investigate the murder of Danny with the help of a local DS Elli Miller (Olivia Colman). It has two seasons and the third one should be airing in 2017. What I like about this show it’s that it has complex and well written characters that are easy to relate to; you can feel the pain that the town feels after Danny’s death. The show itself is also cleverly written; it keeps you on the edge with turns you don’t except and makes you desperately want to watch the next episode.





Another TV show that is my favourite is a completely different kind. It’s 20-minute-long comedy show that takes place in California, USA. Modern Family. Modern family is a comedy show that’s been running since 2009 and currently season 7 is airing in USA. The show is about the lives of Jay (Ned O’Neil), Claire (Julia Bowne) and Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) – father, daughter and son – and their families. Jay has younger hot-headed Colombian wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and stepson Manny (Rico Rodriguez). Claire’s family includes her husband Phil (Ty Buller) and their three children: the oldest one Haley (Sarah Hayland) is a typical popular teenager, middle child Alex (Ariel Winter) who is consider to be the smart and bit odd one and their youngest child Luke (Noulan Gould). Lastly there is Mitchell who lives with his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and their adopted Vietnamese daughter Lily. The show is as well written, has a great cast and is funny. With humour it also tackles difficult topics like gay marriage, acceptance, beings immigrant and choosing something that isn’t mainstream without being too heavy. If you like friends or how I met your mother I definitely suggest you give this one a go, it makes me laugh every time.

modern-familyThis is it for my favourites! If you try some of these or have something that you have been loving let me know down at the comments!          

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