After my trip to London and Austria last autumn I didn’t have any travel plans which made me feel a bit sad but because I did make one trip end of the January I wanted to share my tips on what you can do there with you.

In the end of January I took a five-day trip to La Cala De Mijas, Spain to visit my grandparents who have been living there for 6 months now. Even though we only stayed there for a few days I had a really great time. The best thing for me about this trip was the fact that there was sun and everything was green! It was so refreshing because for the past months it has been really dark and gloomy in Finland. So being able to sit in the sun and let the vitamin D soak in to my skin was a great feeling.

My grandparents live in a place called La Cala De Mijas, which is small village by the sea that is separated from the main area Mijas Costa. Mijas Costa is a residential and commercial area near Fuengirola. During our time in Spain we wandered around in the place where they live as well as the Mijas Costa. We also made two day-trips: one to Malaga and one to Mijas Pueblo. Mijas Pueblo is a hillside village and the historical centre in Mijas. It’s located 400 meters above the sea and it’s one of the white villages in Andalusia. In there we walked around the villages’ narrowed streets, admiring the gorgeous view of the coast, stopping to take photos and stopping to admire the handmade jewellery that the locals were selling. We walked past many coffee shops that smelled amazing but because we had food waiting us at our apartment we didn’t stop to eat.

  1. Pueblo Mijas


Second day-trip we took was to Malaga. In Malaga we walked around the city and went to Museo Picasso Malaga – it had 38 pieces of Picassos work – which were amazing. Even though I am not such a fan of modern art I did like the exhibition. And the tickets weren’t too expensive – around 8 euros per person. In Malaga we also climbed to the top of the Castle of Gibralfaro. It was build in the 14th century and is one of the most often visited tourist attractions in Malaga. After a lot of stairs (definitely a good workout) we arrived to the castle. You can also drive or take a bus but we decided to walk. The walk was definitely worth it because the view from the top was breath-taking. I would recommend going here if you are at Malaga.


Flowers at Malaga


Wine at the Castle Cibralfaro

This was pretty much all that happened during my quick getaway. I enjoyed my trip a lot and I saw a lot of great sights my favourite thing was the sun and all the colourfull flowers.  Even though my trip was short I had a great time and I definetly recommend Mijas to everyone! 

I hope you have found these tips and places helpful! If you try one of them let me know at the comments!

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