Last trip I did was to Greece and because I was flying I February which isn’t a holiday season in Europe there weren’t any direct flights from Finland to Greece. On my way to Greece I only had hour and half between my flights but when I returned I had four hours to kill. Because I was traveling alone this felt kind of a long time to wait without doing anything so I wanted to share with you few things you can do if you have extra time between your flights. So if you want to know what you can do with the extra hours you have in the airport keep reading! 

Take advantage of the tax-free shops
Big airports like Heathrow and Munich and all the others have a big selection of different kinds of shops. If you have extra time I recommend you go and wander in these stores because in airports everything is tax-free. So you can find some things you otherwise would consider expensive at a good prize. For example when I travel and if I have extra time at the airport I like to stock up my lotions from L’occitane because it’s one of my favourite brand but it can also be a bit expensive without any discounts.

Finish your unfinished tasks
Another good thing to do if you need to kill time at the airport is to do something beneficial. This can be catching up with your emails, studying, doing some work or in my case catch up with my blog posts. These days’ airports offer free Wi-Fi so take advantage of it. Connect your computer or phone to it and get some work done so you can spend your holiday without stressing. If you find the noise in the airport distracting pack a pair of headphones – either normal or noise cancelling – and listen to some music. If you have paid version of Spotify you can make your own playlists and listen them even when you are offline.

Catch up with your reading
I have a busy life therefore I am constantly doing something. This leaves me very little time to read. So when ever I have a connecting flight and I have some extra time I like to find a nice place and read. For me this is one of the fastest way to pass the time because I can lose myself in to a book.

Find a game and play it
I don’t mean a physical game but make up a game and play that if you are bored. You can watch strangers who pass by and give them an interesting backstory. You can challenge yourself to find every restaurant or gate at the airport. Or if you are travelling with company play something two people can participate in.

For example, when I travel with my sister we usually paly Guess who. It’s super easy and helps to pass the time. First you choose category (our favourite one is TV shows we both have seen) but you can choose anything: movies, celebrities, animals, books… the list goes on. And then you pick a person from that category and the other one tries to guess who you are by asking different questions. You can only answer yes or no.

Other things to do:

Watch Netflix
Thanks to Netflix’s new feature you can now download series and movies to your device and watch them even without Internet. Watching your favourite TV show is an easy and fast way to pass time.

If you have had to wake up early or you have a night flight or you are just tired another good way use those extra hours is sleeping. Usually you can find a sofa or a bench where you can nap if you feel like it. If you do nap be mindful about your stuff. Don’t leave them unattended but rather sleep top of them or make sure they are touching you or use locks. Or if you are travelling with someone you can take turns on sleeping.

This on is pretty obvious but if you are stuck at the airport for a long time and you don’t have snacks you most likely need to find a place to eat. So try to find a nice restaurant or café, order something delicious, sit down and enjoy your food. This also helps you to pass the time.

Having to spend hours in airport means you will probably get hungry and thirsty. Even though some airlines like Finnair offer food on their flights that can still be too little. So my advice is to prepare for this. Most of the foods are allowed on the plane so pack some snacks with you so if you get hungry you don’t have to buy food from the airport because it usually is expensive. My favourite things to snack while traveling are nuts, crisps and fruits. I usually pack an empty water bottle as well and I fill it up at the airport. (Remember to check if the tap water is drinkable in the country you are in!)

And lastly don’t forget to check the time! It’s easy to lose track of the time so be sure to check it once in a while or set an alarm so you don’t miss your flight!

Safe traveling! And if you have any tips how to kill time at the airport I would love to hear those!

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  • Chasa Fulkerson

    I didn’t know some airports were tax free. Great tips, I would probably eat, sleep, and surf the web!

    02/03/2017 at 5:34 AM Reply

    • Henna

      Eating, sleeping and surfing on the web doesn’t sound so bad! And I am glad you liked the tips!

      04/03/2017 at 8:00 PM Reply